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Text Twist 2

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TextTwist2TeaserWelcome to the website where you can enjoy the second version of the word-guessing game – Text Twist 2. In the new version of the game you will enjoy a lot of updates, including new 30 000 words which were added to the game. The mission of the player is rather simple – make up words from the letters on your screen. Remember that your time is limited and you must make up as many words as you can. According to the number of letters in each word, you will be given score. The longer the word is – the bigger score you will get. There are several game modes in Text Twist 2 and the most popular one is Timed Mode. Here you must make up as much words as you can in a limited period of time.

Text Twist 2 is a good educational game. It helps to develop better spelling skills and learn new words. Even though that this game was created for children, many grown-ups enjoy playing it to improve the ability to think faster and enrich their vocabulary. You can play the most complete version of Text Twist 2 for free at our website. Don’t forget to bookmark it. Have Fun.